The wireless chargers at Starbucks will get updated to support iPhone X and 8

The wireless chargers at Starbucks will get updated to support iPhone X and 8

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Yes, you should be able to charge your new iPhone X or iPhone 8 at Starbucks.

Apple announced earlier this week that its new iPhones will include support for wireless charging through the Qi standard. But as far as charging in Starbucks is concerned, there seemed to be a catch: Starbucks’ charging pads from Powermat support a different standard, PMA.

This is a solvable problem, according to a SlashGear interview with Powermat CTO Itay Sherman. He said that parts of the pad were designed “to be as generic as possible to cover all standards if possible” — and that they’re also connected to Powermat’s backend, making it possible to update the software remotely.

And that, in turn, means the Starbucks pads can be updated to support Qi without turning into a giant hardware installation project.

There wasn’t any reason to make the update previously, Sherman said, since most smartphones that included wireless charging supported both standards. Now that Apple has decided to go Qi-only, the pads should be updated accordingly. He also said that the exact timing of the updates will vary from Starbucks to Starbucks.

A Powermat spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that its technology is compatible with Qi.

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