Introducing InVision Design System Manager + is joining InVision – InVision Blog


Introducing InVision Design System Manager + is joining InVision – InVision Blog

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Every digital business faces a crucial challenge when they begin to scale—how to ship better products, faster, while still creating consistent user experience on every screen. It’s incredibly hard to do.

To solve for this, the world’s most successful digital product companies leverage the power of comprehensive design systems to scale consistently. It’s how they collect and connect interdependent UX components—including colors, symbols, fonts, shapes, and more—guided by clear design standards.

“Design systems represent an exciting paradigm shift in the landscape of design and development. Developers move faster, designers don’t have to reinvent the wheel, and ultimately, your users have a better experience.” —Katie Sylor-Miller, Senior Software Engineer, Etsy

Most design systems today are homegrown, leveraging a mix of tools and platforms to manage—this makes them difficult to scale and maintain, especially at the enterprise level. There’s clearly room for innovation and growth in this space.

That’s why we are so excited to share that the team from is coming on board—to join forces and build the ultimate design systems technology solution.


A leading platform for managing design systems, is one of the most widely used tools for in-house design systems management. Thousands of teams and leading Fortune 500 companies, including Verizon and Zendesk, use to create, maintain, and evolve their team’s design systems.
Combining the best capabilities of the product with the power of the InVision platform, we’ve built InVision Design System Manager (DSM).


InVision DSM makes it possible for every product team to create and maintain a design system at scale—allowing teams to maintain a consistent user experience across every digital interface. The company’s design language and library can now be managed and shared from the InVision platform—and accessed and updated in design tools such as InVision Studio and Sketch, as well as a web view.

Here is a preview of what you can do with InVision DSM:

  • Create a single source of truth: One place to manage all brand and UX components, so teams can stay in sync

  • Design with ease: Access libraries directly from Sketch or InVision Studio to push and pull changes—from assets to deeply nested symbols—all with a click

  • Iterate with confidence: Changes sync to the whole team, and designers can switch to the latest version or roll back changes at any time

  • Manage updates collaboratively: Roles and permissions provide complete control over who can view or edit each library within the system

  • Share with external teams: An automatically generated and customizable web portal lets any stakeholder preview and use design, documentation, and code

  • Keep code in sync: No more manual updates or time wasted tracking down updated specs—developers can use the DSM API to integrate directly into live code

  • Protect confidential information: Enterprise-ready features like SSO, Private Cloud, and more protect your company’s most strategic assets

“InVision’s DSM isn’t just about smoothing out someone’s workflow, it’s about enabling their voice and allowing them to play a more active role in the process of designing as a team. A good design system should empower designers instead of restricting them, and this tool absolutely furthers that goal.” —Dan Ross, UX Designer, Shopify

InVision Design System Manager will be available in December 2017.

Sign up to get access before it’s available to the public.


Additionally, to explore the ways a design system can accelerate your team’s ability to innovate at scale, InVision’s VP of Design Education Aarron Walter will be hosting a fireside chat on November 10 with 3 incredible design systems leaders:

  • Brad Frost, author of Atomic Design and DesignBetter.Co workshop presenter

  • Jina Anne, organizer of Clarity Conference, former lead designer on the Salesforce Lightning design system, and contributing author for an upcoming DesignBetter.Co book on design systems

  • And Marco Suarez, who built design systems at Etsy and currently works on InVision’s system-focused efforts, and is also contributing to our upcoming DesignBetter.Co design systems book.

We hope you can join us! Also, keep an eye out for more exciting design systems announcements, including the publish date for our next DesignBetter.Co book.




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