Why are Micro-Experiences so important to UX Design?

Little Experiences That Make Up The Bigger PictureWe have all heard the phrase, “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”. It’s a common way of letting people know to shrug off the little things and instead, worry about the bigger, more important things.Great advice. Except when it comes to UX Design. This is when we absolutely have to […]

Most of us are cats! – from papers to screens – Medium

A funny UX realization on why we keep coming back to our beloved apps, websites and devices.We all saw cats going crazy when they red laser dots moving around. For most of us, it’s funny, amusing or cute, or both. Some people even think that cats are stupid.As I’ve been reading ‘Make Time: How to Focus […]

How to Use the Contrast Checker in Chrome DevTools

One of the most important aspects of creating accessible websites is ensuring you have readable text. And in turn, creating readable text means ensuring you have adequate color contrast between your text colors and your background colors.For example, take a look at the purple text on white background from the homepage of Tuts+. This contrast […]

How to create a design system – Dev Channel – Medium

The autonomy of design systems like material design and how one can start to build their own.NOTE: This article was inspired by a conversation I had with Nick Butcher, Design and Developer Advocate at Google, for our YouTube series “Designer vs. Developer”. You can also listen to a longer version of the conversation by downloading or […]

Making an Image Magnifier in jQuery – Charles Stover – Medium

Preface 👨This tutorial exists as an archive of the original publication, written in 2010 using jQuery 1.4.2. It supports Internet Explorer 6 and still functions the same to this day in modern browsers, as evidenced by the live demo. Some of the coding examples put forth in the coming sections may not seem optimal, and […]

A new strategic relationship between Atlassian and InVision

Digital experiences are transforming the way that we live and work. Where we used to drive to a store, stand in line at a bank, wait on hold for a customer service representative, or search for a taxi in the rain, we now solve our problems with the tap of a screen. And just as […]

3 Essential Design Trends, September 2018

While this tends to be the time of year when things start to slow a bit in the design world, there are still trends that are worth paying attention to as you plan future projects. One element that stands out quite distinctly is the use of the color purple in projects. This trend deserves a […]

You can’t research without context – Shopify UX

How we think about onboarding and team structure at Shopify to set new team members up for successShopify is a unique environment to be a UX researcher. We’re a team of over 30 folks from all sorts of backgrounds like engineering, design, ethnography, marketing, anthropology, customer support, and psychology. Research is weird and cool like that. […]

Design and develop better together – Relate – Medium

An introduction to RelateAfter an exciting year, I’m thrilled to introduce Relate, the first interface design tool that empowers design and development teams to collaborate in the creation of digital products — visually and straightforwardly. It outputs beautiful, semantic code and achieves the objective of creating a single source of truth for both design and development teams.Put […]

What’s New for Designers, July 2018

What kind of projects are you working on? It might be the hotter days (with more time at a computer) that have me focused on ways to enhance productivity. In this month’s roundup of new design tools and information, you’ll find plenty of helpful items that relate to workflow. If we’ve missed something that you […]