How can healthcare organisations fight increased cyber crime in 2021?

Healthcare organisations have come under intense pressure following the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus in 2020. But they are also battling a dramatic increase in cyber security incidents linked to the pandemic. According to recent research from cyber security firm Check Point, cyber attacks in the healthcare industry have grown by 45% since November 2020. […]

How free speech-touting Parler became a tech industry pariah

If a week is considered to be a long time in the world of politics, the past seven days must have felt like an… entire lifetime for the users and employees of stricken, free speech-championing social media platform Parler. Since its inception in September 2018, Parler has sought to position itself as an alternative to […]

How intelligent workload management tools can help IT admins cut through cloud complexity

The pace of digital transformation has notably picked up in the past decade, as enterprises invest in technology to retain their competitive edge and avoid having their market share eroded by disruptive newcomers. Organisations’ ability to out-innovate their competitors in this way often requires a full-scale modernisation of the IT infrastructure stack underpinning their operations so […]

NHS whistleblowers’ anonymity at mercy of inadequate trust IT policies and processes

NHS whistleblowers risk being ousted and subsequently persecuted because IT systems and policies at NHS trusts… fail to protect their identities after they raise concerns. There is tribunal-tested evidence of whistleblowers who have been persecuted in NHS trusts. Unless anonymity can be guaranteed, there will be a reluctance by many to come forward with concerns, […]

Hangar 51 supports startups taking off in travel tech

A surprising number of processes involved in air travel, from logging cargo containers to safety checklists, are still paper-based. Understanding some of the difficulties airlines can face when adopting new technology, the International Airlines Group (IAG) runs an annual startup accelerator programme called Hangar 51. In partnership with IAG Cargo, Iberia and Vueling, the accelerator, […]

Isle of Wight trial shows positive effect of contact-tracing app, but data privacy body slams UK

The UK government’s Covid-19 contact-tracing app programme has to date been a catalogue of missed schedules, delays,… technology setbacks and has generated much, mostly deserved, criticism, but details have emerged of how the official trial of the yet-to-be-launched product on the Isle of Wight has generated positive results in the fight against the Covid-19 coronavirus. […]

European court strikes down EU-US Privacy Shield agreement

Europe’s highest court today struck out the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, overturning the legal basis that allows… more than half a million US companies to exchange data with Europe. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that Privacy Shield fails to ensure European citizens adequate right of redress when data is collected by the US […]

Getting infrastructures in shape for the big return to work

Joel Johnson, vice-president of IT operations, product development at data-driven marketing services firm TechTarget, has been in the technology industry for over 20 years – and he’s seen nothing like this before. A lot of technology water has flowed under a lot of technology bridges in Johnson’s working career, which began pre-cloud, pre-mobility, pre-virtual private […]

Digital twin technology on turbulent climb to stratosphere

Digital twin technology sounds inherently cool and edgy, and it is cool, in many ways. As a computer representation of a real thing, a digital twin can be the broker to all sorts of cutting-edge applications, such as wind power sold by the hour, remotely managed automated factories and predictive maintenance tools with augmented reality. Digital […]