Best Nest deals for May 2021: Nest Hello video doorbell from $120 and more

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2021-05-15 01:00:00

Nest makes some of the best smart thermostats, security cameras, and self-installed home security systems out there, but it comes at a price. Some of the equipment can be on the expensive side, which means that you may not be able to have as much of it in your home as you’d like, but we are here to help make it easier to afford more. At times, you can find some pretty sweet deals on a variety of Nest’s most popular items.

Whether it’s a direct price drop, coupon code, or bundle deal, we’ve scoured the internet to find all of the best deals around Nest’s hardware that are available right now and rounded them up. We will keep this page updated with the best deals we can find, so if you frequently find yourself looking for more of it, you’ll want to bookmark this page.

Best Cheap Nest Thermostat Deals

I just moved into a place with a Nest Thermostat, and it’s awesome. Connecting Nest to my smart home was super easy. Setting schedules for different temperatures throughout the day is easy, too. It has an Eco mode to help you save energy, easy controls for setting the A/C or heat, and you can even view your history to look for trends over time. Nest Thermostats can save you money over time on your energy bill, and you can even check with your local utility company to see if you get a discount for installing it. They originally sold for around $250, but newer models have since debuted as low as $130.

Best Cheap Nest Wi-Fi Deals

Now that more people are working from home this year, having a reliable internet connection at your house is more impotant than ever before. If you’re tired of dealing with a shoddy connection or one that doesn’t get all the way around your home, it’s probably time to upgrade to a mesh system like the Nest Wi-Fi. These devices work together to keep your home covered in Wi-Fi no matter which room you go into. You can even add more access points as you need them to expand the Wi-Fi coverage in your home.

Nest Wifi Mesh 2pk

Nest Wi-Fi Mesh Router (2-pack) | $269 at Best Buy

Conquer Wi-Fi dead zones in your home with the Nest Wi-Fi Router 2-pack. This set covers up to 3800 square feet and today’s deal saves you $20 off its cost at Amazon and other retailers.

$269 at Best Buy

Google Nest Wifi Router

Nest Wi-Fi Mesh Router | $149 at B&H

This single Nest Wi-Fi Mesh Router is currently discounted by $20 at B&H while supplies last. This router lets you control it using the Google Home app and offers up to 2.2 Gbps data transfer speed.

$149 at B&H

Best Cheap Nest Camera Deals

Nest has a variety of fantastic security cameras, from indoor models you can set on a shelf to outdoor cameras you can mount on the wall of your home, and while they don’t generally come cheap, scoring a great deal on one is possible right now thanks to the sales below. These cameras let you use an app on your phone to watch what’s happening from anywhere in the world, and you can even record and save footage with a Nest Aware subscription. The IQ models are a bit more enhanced with a 4K sensor to enable lossless zooming in 1080p and facial recognition, as well as a built-in speaker. You can learn more about the differences between the two in our guide.

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Nest Hello Smart Video Doorbell (Refurbished) | $119.95 at BackMarket

See and speak with whoever’s at your door even when you’re not at home with the Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell. BackMarket is offering $110 off the refurbished model in Excellent condition for a limited time. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and free U.S. shipping. You can buy this doorbell in brand new condition for $230 at Best Buy.

$148.99 at BackMarket

Nest Cam Indoor Security Cam

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera | $123.49 at Target

This indoor security camera isn’t on sale right now, though you could save 5% by using a RedCard at Target. It’s easy to set up, lets you stream HD video to your iOS or Android device so you can check in on your home wherever you go, and it even features night vision.

$123.49 at Target

Best Cheap Nest Smart Speaker & Display Deals

The Google Nest line-up of speakers and smart displays is one of the most affordable around. With Google Assistant built-in, you’re able to voice control other compatible smart home devices and stream music from various services just by asking. For instance, if you own products like Philips Hue bulbs or WeMo smart plugs at home, the Google Assistant can turn them on and off within seconds. You can also listen to audiobooks, receive traffic and weather updates, hear the latest sport scores, and more. The smart display models can even show you much of this information as well as YouTube videos, recipes, and more.

Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini with a month of Philo | $50.99 at Best Buy

Pick up the Google Nest Mini speaker today at Best Buy and you can snag a month of Philo live TV streaming service for just $1 more alongside it. Philo is the most affordable live TV streaming service out there and normally costs just $20 per month.

$29.99 at Best Buy

Google Nest Hello Nest Hub Bundle

Google Nest Hub with Nest Hello doorbell | $319.98 at Best Buy

Pick up the Google Nest Hub smart display along with the Nest Hello smart video doorbell via Best Buy today! The Nest Hub lets you watch YouTube, stream music on Spotify and Pandora, voice control compatible smart devices, and more. You’ll even be able to view the Nest Hello’s video feed using it.

$319.98 at Best Buy

How to get the Best Nest Deals

The Nest has been around long enough now that deals come and go fairly often. Home Depot, for example, has a regular deal that drops the price of two Nest Thermostats down to $355 total, although that deal won’t be around forever. Many retailers drop single thermostats down to $200 or so pretty regularly, including Best Buy, Home Depot, and others.

For even more Google Nest discounts, your best bet is to keep an eye on this page for future updates. You’ll also find the biggest deals shared at Thrifter — either on its website or by following Thrifter on Twitter.

Nest has been around for the better part of a decade and the company provides some of the best smart home products around. Nest got was founded by a couple of Apple engineers, and then was acquired by Google in 2014. Since then, we have seen many improvements and innovation in the world of smart thermostats, cameras, and more. Now that the smart home boom has taken off, Nest has become a household name for those looking to improve their quality of life. With its popularity, more and more companies have integrated their products to make them easier to work with Nest. Here’s a look at all of those aforementioned products that currently “work with Nest.”

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Best Nest deals for May 2021: Nest Hello video doorbell from $120 and more 1

Natural Integration:
Google Home

It should come as no surprise that integration between Nest and Google Home is deep. Google acquired the company back in 2014, and recently merged Nest into Google’s hardware division. This means that the Nest products are being developed directly alongside Google’s Home products.

$30 at Google

Best Nest deals for May 2021: Nest Hello video doorbell from $120 and more 3

Yale Smart Locks:
Nest x Yale Lock

This smart lock comes from Yale but has Nest integration built right in, as you can unlock or lock the deadbolt from the convenience of the Nest application. Naturally, there is also Google Assistant support if you want to use your voice, but the lock itself connects via either Nest Connect or Nest Guard.

$280 at Amazon

Best Nest deals for May 2021: Nest Hello video doorbell from $120 and more 5

Smart Lights:

LIFX Wi-Fi smart bulbs have been on the rise over the past year or two and for good reason. They integrate with many different services, along with Nest products. You can have these lights automatically dim while you’re aware, or even warn you if there’s smoke in the house.

$48 at Amazon

Best Nest deals for May 2021: Nest Hello video doorbell from $120 and more 7

Smart Watch:

If you own either the Fitbit Versa or Fitbit Ionic, then you will appreciate integration with Nest products as you can control your Nest Thermostats just from your wrists. There’s no need for extra apps or downloads, as the two work seamlessly together.

$199 at Amazon

Best Nest deals for May 2021: Nest Hello video doorbell from $120 and more 9

Smart Garage:
MyQ Smart Garage Hub by Chamberlain

This smart home garage hub from Chamberlain brings the ability to control with your smartphone for most garage door openers. Additionally, the Nest integration allows you to see who is entering or leaving the garage with ease.

$80 at Amazon

Best Nest deals for May 2021: Nest Hello video doorbell from $120 and more 11

Smarter Lights:
Philips Hue

The Philips Hue lineup of smart lights are some of the most popular on the market. It makes perfect sense that these products work with Nest, making it possible to keep your house protected and alerting you if the situation arises.

$171 at Amazon

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