10 New Plugins for Beginner & Experienced Bloggers

So you finally took the plunge and decided to create a WordPress website. That’s pretty impressive! You went ahead and added a great deal of fantastic content. Again, that’s awesome. All that remains now is growing your WordPress website and rock your world. Perhaps that’s not the case. You’ve been at it for a while […]

European court strikes down EU-US Privacy Shield agreement

Europe’s highest court today struck out the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, overturning the legal basis that allows… more than half a million US companies to exchange data with Europe. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that Privacy Shield fails to ensure European citizens adequate right of redress when data is collected by the US […]

10+ Best Professional Niche WordPress Themes

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, there is no doubt in the fact. More than 30% of all websites that are available on the modern-day web are running on the specific web platform. The community of WordPress developers grows and becomes more powerful. When you decide to build a website […]

Getting infrastructures in shape for the big return to work

Joel Johnson, vice-president of IT operations, product development at data-driven marketing services firm TechTarget, has been in the technology industry for over 20 years – and he’s seen nothing like this before. A lot of technology water has flowed under a lot of technology bridges in Johnson’s working career, which began pre-cloud, pre-mobility, pre-virtual private […]

10 Best Plugins to Manage a WordPress Multisite

WordPress is today the most popular open source Content Management System. It’s also the reason that many bloggers find it easy to post content, and many businesses find it easy to create an online presence for themselves. So, what happens if you want to operate multiple blogs or websites, but find it tedious to manage […]