Digital twin technology on turbulent climb to stratosphere

Digital twin technology sounds inherently cool and edgy, and it is cool, in many ways. As a computer representation of a real thing, a digital twin can be the broker to all sorts of cutting-edge applications, such as wind power sold by the hour, remotely managed automated factories and predictive maintenance tools with augmented reality. Digital […]

30+ Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress in 2020

Since the advent of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest et cetera, social media sharing has come of age as far as online promotion goes. It’s now a key part of any good marketing and SEO strategy, which is why you should consider using one of the best social media plugins for […]

Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin Review & How To Guide

Slider Revolution is a premium slider available as a WordPress plugin and Magento extension. It’s gained huge popularity in the WordPress community due to it’s wide range of features and ease of use. In this overview we’re going to cover the main features of the Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin, and then we’ll show you just […]

The Best Mapping Plugins For WordPress 2020

A contact page is much more useful with a map. A post about your favorite places for Chinese food is much easier to understand with a map full of pinpoints. A travel blog is that much more fun when you (and you readers) can see at a glance all the places you’ve been. There are […]

Temper tantrums ahead as GDPR enters its terrible twos?

On 25 May 2020, the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered its so-called “terrible… twos” and, in principle, you might say the regulation has been a wild success. Established as a core principle of the Digital Single Market, and with widespread recognition among EU citizens, it allows individuals to take back control […]