A post-apocalyptic disaster recovery plan

We live in perilous times, and increasingly depend on digital technology to preserve our access to knowledge, as our human read/write memories inevitably fade. Yet the digital storage technologies on which datacentres rely have notorious weaknesses. Software environments and file formats quickly become obsolete. Hard drives… fail and flash loses data; LTO tapes have a […]

19 Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins

In a recent post we discussed best WordPress slider plugins. And there were a lot of awesome options for you to choose from! But this time around we’re going to focus on the best free WordPress slider plugins only. “Why?” — you ask. The free plugins you find on WordPress.org go through rigorous testing and must comply […]

Matomo Analytics: Free Self-Hosted WordPress Analytics

Traffic is the lifeblood of a successful website. Without traffic, you have a good-for-nothing website, no matter how good your offer or product is. And it’s not just any traffic, but the right kind of traffic. In other words, you need targeted traffic to grow your website hence business. But to drive targeted traffic, you need […]

13 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins 2020

All website owners want to create a following of enthusiasts that regularly return to read content, interact with their community, and buy products. There are many ways of encouraging visitors to return to your site. From creating an engaging email campaign and maintaining a high presence on social media, to running promotions and competitions, to […]