How to Install WordPress in DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is one of the fastest growing cloud hosting companies in the globe that focuses on simplicity and scale. Today we’re going to learn how to install and configure WordPress on DigitalOcean. Why We Love DigitalOcean Opening its doors in 2011, it soon became one of the largest cloud hosting providers with over a million […]

UK’s phone and internet bulk data surveillance unlawful, says EU court opinion

British intelligence services’ bulk collection of the population’s telephone, email and web browsing data breaches European law, according to a preliminary legal opinion by the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice. French and Belgian laws which require telephone and internet companies to store and retain data on citizens’ phone and internet activity on […]

See what 15 of the Best WordPress Themes in 2020 Have to Offer

There’s no need to continue to stress yourself out plowing through a host of themes in hopes of finding something that just might suit your immediate needs. “Just might” is not a very good description to hang your hat on. If you narrow your search down to 15 or so of the top WordPress themes […]

12 Best Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress 2019

Combating WordPress comment spam is an ongoing process and can be done with (a) the help of plugins or (b) with a little bit of tweaking the discussion settings in WordPress. In this tutorial, we focus on both methods. The 2 factors you should consider while deciding your next anti-spam plugin should be: Amount of traffic […]

Social Rabbit: Automate Your Social Media Marketing

I think you will agree when I say: social media marketing is a lot of work! You must find content, post, post some more, like and follow, among other things. When you do it manually, social media marketing is time-consuming and pricey, more so when you’re handling other business tasks. But guess what? I found […]