40+ Amazing WordPress Blogs You Should Follow

By proweb

As a WordPress enthusiast, you always want to stay abreast of the latest happenings in the world of WordPress and, to some extent, web development. You want to know what the whos of WordPress have to say at any given time. You want to stay ahead of the curve; keep tabs on WordPress news, latest techniques, hacks, themes, plugins and whatnot. And what better way to stay informed and updated than reading WordPress blogs?

In today’s serving, we will introduce you to more than 40+ awesome WordPress bloggers you should know. And you should definitely have a look at their Twitter accounts, so go ahead and hit that follow button. Get ready to have some fun.

1. WPExplorer

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - WPExplorer

Visit the WPExplorer Blog    Follow @WPExplorer

I might be a bit biased here, but fact remains fact; WPExplorer is without any doubt one of the best WordPress blogs out there. I mean, there’s just so much you can learn here on WPExplorer.

Wondering what’s on the menu? From detailed tutorials, theme and plugin reviews to tips and great how-to guides, WPExplorer is one resource you want to bookmark right this minute. In between the great posts, we also publish giveaways and exclusive deals that can save you a whole lot of money 🙂

2. Elegant Themes

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Elegant Themes

Visit the Elegant Themes Blog    Follow @elegantthemes

The Elegant Themes blog offers amazing WordPress tips, tutorials and updates about their new WordPress themes & plugins. The blog features respectable WordPress bloggers such as Kevin Muldoon, Brenda Barron and Jacqueline Thomas among others.

3. Chris Lema

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Chris Lema

Visit Chris Lema’s Blog    Follow @chrislema

Unless you started using WordPress recently, you must have heard a thing or two about Chris Lema – a top-level WordPress blogger who has been called in to advise the likes of WooThemes, iThemes, Reaktiv, WP101 and more. He blogs about eCommerce, freelancing, memberships, e-learning and presentation among other WordPress-related topics.

4. WPLift

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - WPLift

Visit the wplift Blog    Follow @wplift

WPLift features WordPress guides, tutorials and tips from some of the best WordPress bloggers around. Plus they’ve got some great deals to boot. This plus a focus on entry level users makes WPLift a great blog to follow for WordPress knowledge.

5. WinningWP

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - InningWP

Visit WinningWP    Follow @WinningWP

WinningWP is managed by Brin Wilson, and is a great resource for WordPress. Learn about new WordPress themes, checkout some plugin reviews and learn new skills with helpful tutorials.

6. WP Tavern

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - WPtavern

Visit the wptavern    Follow @wptavern

Established in 2009 by Jeff Chandler, WP Tavern publishes latest WordPress news, hacks, theme and plugin announcements among others. The blog is managed by Jeff Chandler and Sarah Gooding. The blog is updated regularly with the latest in WordPress news.

7. WPEka

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - WPeka

Visit the WPEka Blog    Follow @wpekadotcom

I don’t know how they came up with the name, but it surely grows on you after a while. But the name isn’t the reason WPEka made it to this list; the blog publishes great opinion posts, theme and plugin reviews, and in-depth tutorials several times a week.

8. WPKube

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - WPkube

Visit WPKube    Follow @wpkube

Devesh Sharma founded WPKube back in June 2014 to “…provide quality WordPress themes, plugins, tutorials, news and modifications…” Dev, a successful webmaster by every right, has done a great job with WPKube. He publishes a new post every two days. WPKube features renowned WordPress bloggers such as Joe, Ashley and Sourav Kundu among others.

9. WPMU DEV Blog

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - wpmudev

Visit the wpmudev Blog    Follow @wpmudev

With a freshly baked design, over 360K members, and a blog section that features some of the best WordPress tutorials, tips and advice on the web, WPMU DEV is the go-to WordPress resource for many users – experienced or otherwise. Topics covered on the blog revolve around WordPress, WordPress Multisite, BuddyPress and more from the WordPress community.

10. BobWP

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - BobWP

Visit the bobWP Blog & Podcast    Follow @bobWP

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced WordPress user, you can always learn something from Bob Dunn. He is kind of big deal, so you better pay attention when he takes to the stage. You can also follow his podcast for even more WordPress goodness.

11. ManageWP Blog

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - ManageWP

Visit the managewp Blog    Follow @managewp

ManageWP allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard, saving you lots of time and effort. I’m not trying to pull your leg, it’s really convenient, especially if you struggle to manage your sites. Featuring top-level writers and developers such as Vladimir Prelovac, Charnita Fance and Brenda Barron among others, the ManageWP blog shares tutorials, tips, reviews, opinions, news, business advice, themes and plugins among others.

12. WP Mayor

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - WPMayor

Visit wpmayor    Follow @wpmayor

If you’re looking for the hottest and latest WordPress news, articles, hacks and plugin reviews just to mention a few, you want to add WP Mayor to your reading list. Like right now. WP Mayor is maintained by Mr. and Mrs. Jean Galea with the help of Mark Zahra, who happens to be Galea’s cousin. This family business features a couple of contributors from all walks of life, giving the content a global (multi-cultural) feel.

13. WPBeginner

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - WPBeginner

Visit wpbeginner    Follow @wpbeginner

With over 130K WordPress users, WPBeginner is the ultimate resource for WordPress beginners. Don’t get me wrong though, you can still learn a lot on WPBeginner even as a seasoned WordPress user. After all, learning never stops throughout life.

14. SitePoint

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - SitePoint

Visit Sitepoint for WordPress    Follow @sitepointdotcom

Since 1999, SitePoint has inspired countless designers to build high quality websites and web applications. Apart from publishing top-drawer WordPress tutorials and tips every week, they offer fantastic books and courses revolving around HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The content on their blog is created by a huge team of writers and developers.

15. CodeinWP

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - CodeInWP

Visit the COdeinWP Blog    Follow @codeinwp

Starring the likes of Daniel Pataki, Tom Ewer (I swear, he hasn’t bribed me for the mentions), Adelina Tuca and Karol K as himself, the CodeinWP blog is a well-managed collection of the best WordPress tutorials, tricks and tips. The posts on CodeinWP are really great, you won’t want to miss any!

16. WP Superstars

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - WPsuperstars

Visit WP SuperStars    Follow @WPSuperstars

WP Superstars is more of a review site than a blog. Regardless, they push out great WordPress tutorials and posts that benefit beginners and pros alike. So, you not only get awesome reviews of your favorite WordPress products (i.e. themes, plugins, hosting etc), but also well-researched posts to learn all you can about WordPress.

17. ThemeShaper

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - ThemeShaper

Visit ThemeShaper    Follow @ThemeShaper

Who is behind the ThemeShaper WordPress blog that’s simply too awesome to resist? Ian Stewart, Caroline Moore, Daniel Robert and twelve (12) other WordPress enthusiasts who care a lot about WordPress themes. The blog section is a huge archive of WordPress news, tips, inspiration, tricks, hacks, snippets and in-depth tutorials.

18. Torque

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Torque Mag

Visit tOrgue Magazine    Follow @TheTorquemag

Brought to you by the guys behind WPEngine, the managed WordPress hosting of choice for many, Torque is all about WordPress news, updates and all the latest happenings in the world of WordPress. Other than news, they have business, community and development categories that make the blog the richer. Content is created by experts such as Shaun Quarton, John Stewart and Josh Pollock among others.

19. Tuts+

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Tuts+

Visit tUts+ for WordPress    Follow @TutsPlus

We cannot publish a post about the best WordPress blogs to follow and fail to mention Tuts+, a one-of-a-kind resource suitable for beginner and pro WordPressers. If you will indulge me, I have sought inspiration on Tuts+ a couple countless times before, and every time, I wasn’t disappointed.

20. Cats Who Code

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Cats Who Code

Visit Cats Who Code    Follow @catswhocode

Catering to over 17k followers, Cats Who Code is curated by Jean, a 30-something year old blogger based in Belgium. It’s a huge archive of awesome WordPress tips, hacks and WordPress coding tutorials. Jean’s work has been featured on popular blogs such as Smashing Magazine, WPHacks and Pro Blog Design.

21. WP Arena

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - WP Arena

Visit WP Arena    Follow @wparena

WP Arena is a helpful blog specializing in reviews, comparisons, and collections. They also offer some awesome guides to popular WordPress plugins and easy tips that any WordPress user would find helpful (like how to customize your blog to fit your brand).

22. Elementor

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Elementor

Visit the Elementor Blog    Follow @elemntor

Certainly you’ve heard of Elementor – it’s the best free page builder plugin for WordPress. But did you know they also run a blog? Well they do and it’s full of great tips on how to build a better website with the help of Elementor, in addition to inspiration and web design roundups, freelancer interviews and more.

23. 1stWebDesigner

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - 1stwebdesigner

Visit 1stWebDesigner    Follow @1stwebdesigner

1stWebDesigner was one of the first (no pun intended) WordPress blogs to inspire our founders to start WPExplorer so naturally they had to be included in this list. hundreds of helpful posts with web design tips, cheatsheets, free resources (themes, photoshop tools, etc), best of lists and more it’s a must read for any webs designer – not just WordPress users.

24. WebCreate.Me

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - WebCreate.Me

Visit WebCreate.me    Follow @webcreateme

Geared towards small businesses, WebCreate.Me is a fantastic resource ot keep your WordPress website running smoothly. Get tips for copywriting, social sharing, scheduling, email marketing and more. Looking for a custom WordPress website build? Or an SEO consult? They do that too – all you have to do is reach-out for a quote.

25. Woorkup

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Woorkup

Visit Woorkup    Follow @mywoorkup

Run by Brian Jackson (a serious WordPress and SEO guru), Woorkup is definitely a solid WordPress resource. If you’re ever unsure about a plugin, or you’re looking for some inspiration give Brian’s blog a read. He also share freelancer tips for running a business based on his own personal experiences and has a toolbox of recommended products to help you get started.

26. WPShout

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - WPShout

Visit WPShout    Follow @WPShout

WPShout is run by Fred Meyer and David Hayes, and those to consistently pump out awesome content such as weekly tutorials, resource recommendations, development tips, security guides and more. Follow them on twitter for regular updates on what they’re digging into each week.

27. Kinsta

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Kinsta

Visit the Kinsta Blog    Follow @kinsta

People rave about Kinsta’s fast, reliable and secure WordPress hosting. Why? Because they really know their stuff! And lucky for you, they share that knowledge on the regular via their blog. Visit their blog to learn about plugins, security, business tips, blogging and more.

28. Colorlib

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Colorlib

Visit Colorlib    Follow @colorlib

If you’ve ever search for a specific WordPress the niche, like “best creative WordPress themes” or “best WordPress themes for small business” then you’ve probably seen a Colorlib list before. But that’s not all their blog has to offer. Colorlib also provides plugin guides, design tips and even some free themes that you can use on your website.

29. Narrowem

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Narrowem

Visit Narrowem    Follow @narrowthem

Narrowem is know for their in depth theme and plugin reviews and guides. If you’re trying to decide between to themes (or plugins) you’ll want to head over to their blog to see if you can compare the features and functionalities. Or have a look at their case studies to learn from real life web design examples.

30. Cloudways

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Cloudways

Visit The Cloudways Blog    Follow @Cloudways

Cloudways is a great managed cloud hosting option, but they’re also a great blog to follow. While not necessarily only focused on WordPress they do offer theme reviews, website setup guides and tons of business tips (for GDPR, design, e-commerce, etc) that you’ll want to add to your reading list.

31. Yoast SEO

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Yoast SEO

Visit Yoast SEO    Follow @yoast

We couldn’t leave Yoast SEO off our list because they really are the best in the biz when it comes to search engine optimization. Follow their blog for up to date WordPress SEO strategies, onsite SEO tips, social media guides and plugin updates (because if you aren’t using their SEO plugin you should be).

32. Carrie Dils

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Carrie Dils

Visit Carrie Dils’ Blog    Follow @cdils

Carrie Dils is a WordPress expert, and her posts are a consistent pleasure to read. You’re pretty much guaranteed to learn something – whether it’s about WordPress, Genesis, WooCommerce or something else. Don’t forget to also follow her Twitter – she tweets on the regular and depending on the day they’re downright hilarious.

33. Envato

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Envato

Visit the Envato Blog    Follow @envato

When you think of Envato you probably instantly think of premium themes, plugins, images, etc. But Envato has really stepped up their blog in the last year. Sharing tips and roundups for just about every niche, their blog is a great resource for freelancers working on client work ad well as DIY-ers looking for a bit of help or inspiration.

34. Media Temple

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Media Temple

Visit the Media Temple Blog    Follow @mediatemple

Media Temple is another awesome host with an equally spectacular blog. Check in from time to time to learn about topics ranging from customer spotlights, hosting optimization tips, image editors, WordPress tutorials and more.

35. Anariel Design

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Anariel Design

Visit Anariel Design    Follow @Ana_Segota

Anariel Design is run by the amazing developer Ana Segota. Follow her blog to read one on one WordPress interviews, follow along with helpful guides (and video guides), learn new SEO tips and more. She also offers some beautiful premium themes that you won’t want to miss.

36. MonsterPost

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - MonsterPost

Visit MonsterPost    Follow @templatemonster

TemplateMonster is a huge marketplace with thousands of amazing themes and templates to choose from, and their blog MonsterPost offers thousands of helpful articles (plus free ebooks and themes to boot). Sharpen your design skills, learn about easy website content optimizations, figure our the best hosting for you and more.

37. WordPress.org

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - WordPress.org

Visit WordPress News    Follow @WordPress

Of course we had to include WordPress’s news blog in this list. Keep up to date on WordPress core updates, feature enhancements, community events and notes from the developers.

38. WPBlog

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - WPBlog

Visit WPBlog    Follow @wpblogdottcom

The WPBlog is another all around WordPress blog where you can get info on WordPress trends, or research a product before you purchase. Home to tips, tutorials and reviews for WordPress it’s a good site to add to your reading list.

39. The WP Chick

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - The WP Chick

Visit The WP Chick    Follow @kimdoyal

Kim Doyal is a WordPress pro who share tons of knowledge on her WP Chick blog (though she also has a podcast you should definitely checkout). She shares great tips on how to run your WordPress based blog or business better.

40. Rich Tabor Blog

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Rich Tabor

Visit Rich Tabor’s Blog    Follow @richard_tabor

Rich is a stellar WordPress developer (maybe you’ve seen his work over at ThemeBeans) who also runs a personal blog. It’s a great place to go to find tons of Gutenberg guides, WordCamp highlight and tons of WordPress tips.

41. WPLeaders

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - WPLeaders

Visit WPLeaders    Follow @thewpleaders

WPLeaders is a self described hub of WordPress info and we’d have to agree. Created by Istiak Rayhan, WPLeaders is certainly another great resource of WordPress collections to add to your bookmarks. Whatever you’re looking for – whether it’s a Click to Tweet plugin, Gutenberg compatible themes, or even influencers to follow.

42. WPBuffs

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - WPBuffs

Visit the WPBuffs Blog    FOLLOW @THEWPBUFFS

You’ve probably heard of the WPBuffs before. They offer on-demand help with all kinds of WordPress customizations, security, updates and more. But you might not know that they also have a ton of helpful resources like webinars, guides, reviews and roundups on their blog!

43. CollectiveRay

CollectiveRay Blog


Looking for WordPress tips, plus a bit of Joomla on the side? Head on over to read David Attard’s blog on CollectiveRay. After being in web design for over 12 years, this is where he shares his knowledge with other website owners. CollectiveRay specializes in guides, hosting reviews, and web design tips for WordPress and more.

44. Ma.tt

WordPress Blogs You Should Follow - Ma.tt

Visit Ma.tt    Follow @photomatt

Last but certainly not least you might want to give Matt Mullenweg’s personal blog a visit. He often posts insights about WordPress, business related editorials, interviews, Automattic news and occasionally looks at various WordCamps or Meetups.

Over to You…

WordPress continues to grow every day. Developers continue committing code and adding new features taking the platform further beyond the remits of imagination. It’s powerful now more than ever, and we can only expect this trend to go up. You can stay on top of all WordPress changes, news and updates by following your favorite blogs or personally contributing to the project.

With this finely crafted list of WordPress blogs, you should have plenty of choices at your disposal. Obviously, there are many other WordPress blogs out there, so if we missed your favorite, be sure to mention it in the comments to keep growing the list. Other than that, let us know your thoughts and how your 2018 is going. Ciao!

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