What banks, fintechs and cloud providers need to know

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s guidance on outsourcing IT to the cloud is often credited with having accelerated the pace of off-premise migrations within the banking sector, following its publication in 2016. Until that time, the financial services community’s use of cloud could best be described as low-level and small-scale, as organisations sought to digitally […]

40+ Amazing WordPress Blogs You Should Follow

As a WordPress enthusiast, you always want to stay abreast of the latest happenings in the world of WordPress and, to some extent, web development. You want to know what the whos of WordPress have to say at any given time. You want to stay ahead of the curve; keep tabs on WordPress news, latest techniques, hacks, […]

How to bolster IAM strategies using automation

Identity and access management (IAM) processes, policies and technologies play an important role in the security operations of modern organisations, allowing them to manage electronic and digital identities effectively. As technology continues to dominate the way businesses operate, and data privacy becomes a crucial part of the corporate agenda, IAM systems are gaining importance because […]

25+ Best eCommerce WordPress Themes for Online Stores

The availability of flexible and free CMS systems like WordPress means it’s never been easier to set your stall out as a creative entrepreneur and drive both product sales and new business via your website. As a creative entrepreneur, you need more than just an e-commerce theme optimized for mobile. You need one of the […]