Most of us are cats! – from papers to screens – Medium

By pwdsite

A funny UX realization on why we keep coming back to our beloved apps, websites and devices.We all saw cats going crazy when they red laser dots moving around. For most of us, it’s funny, amusing or cute, or both. Some people even think that cats are stupid.As I’ve been reading ‘Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky’, I realized something.One of the key content of the book why we’re always struggling to find time and be able to do things that really matters are distractions. Mainly revolving around ‘Infinity Pools’. These are apps and websites that can keep us constantly busy and distracted. It can keep us entertained to continuously scroll and scroll, mindlessly that can devour 2–4 hours on a daily basis.The book also mentioned that these apps can produce a ‘Fake Win’ effect, wherein we feel good or productive even if we only finished something that we don’t even need to do right away like clearing our email inboxes.In fairness, the authors also said that these ‘Infinity Pools’ aren’t always bad, as long as we use it purposely and not mindlessly. As I continue reading…That’s when it hit me. A funny realization came to light. I realized that we’re basically the same as cats!Why? Because we’re also easily distracted and entertained by these red dots! Our minds get excited when we see them, and chase them until they’re gone.Most Android devices even have these red or colored LED dot to notify us that something new had happened while the screen was off, waiting to be opened.Those shiny colored dots are one of the culprits why we keep checking our phones and devices. It’s so small, most of the time, smaller than icons — yet mind-blowingly powerful and controlling.On this realization, I got two things out of it.One, if you’re building and designing a product that you want your users to build a habit of staying and keep them coming back. Use this.On the other hand, If you want more time, focus and fewer distractions. Find a way to keep these red or whatever colored dots, OFF.

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