Making an Image Magnifier in jQuery – Charles Stover – Medium

Preface 👨This tutorial exists as an archive of the original publication, written in 2010 using jQuery 1.4.2. It supports Internet Explorer 6 and still functions the same to this day in modern browsers, as evidenced by the live demo. Some of the coding examples put forth in the coming sections may not seem optimal, and […]

Business leaders expect suppliers to ensure they are cyber secure

Some 31% of UK businesses would terminate contracts with suppliers whose negligence caused them to become a victim of cyber crime, according to a survey published by business internet service provider Beaming. The research, conducted by consultancy Opinium, revealed that most UK business leaders polled believe their suppliers are obligated to ensure they do not […]

Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Hub 700 bring Dolby audio to your conference room

Hot on the heels of its recently announced ThinkSmark Hub 500, Lenovo hopes to elevate the conferencing experience with the ThinkSmart Hub 700.The new device looks almost as if a UFO is sitting on your desk, but its comical design hides a number of interesting tech features. For example, IR sensors detect when a person […]

A new strategic relationship between Atlassian and InVision

Digital experiences are transforming the way that we live and work. Where we used to drive to a store, stand in line at a bank, wait on hold for a customer service representative, or search for a taxi in the rain, we now solve our problems with the tap of a screen. And just as […]