Cobalt cyber heist group mounts new campaign

Researchers at security firm Netscout have discovered a financially motivated cyber attack campaign that could be linked to the Cobalt Group, which is believed to be responsible for cyber heists costing millions.   Similarities in phishing emails used in the new ongoing campaign targeting financial institutions in Eastern Europe and Russia led researchers to suspect a […]

3 Essential Design Trends, September 2018

While this tends to be the time of year when things start to slow a bit in the design world, there are still trends that are worth paying attention to as you plan future projects. One element that stands out quite distinctly is the use of the color purple in projects. This trend deserves a […]

Pixel 3 XL set to have wireless charging, but you’ll have to buy your own charger

Google’s Pixel 3 handsets have been leaking left, right and center at the moment, and the latest rumors suggest the larger version of the handset is set to have wireless charging features.A video from Twitter account Khoroshev shows what appears to be a functioning Pixel 3 XL and it clearly shows an animation that suggests […]

HQ Trivia downloads spiral downward as it hits Apple TV – TechCrunch

HQ Trivia’s app store ranking has continued to sink the past three months, but it’s hoping a new version on your television could revitalize growth. HQ today launched an Apple TV app that lets users play the twice-daily live quiz game alongside iOS Android players. “Everything about the game is still the same – same […]

You can’t research without context – Shopify UX

How we think about onboarding and team structure at Shopify to set new team members up for successShopify is a unique environment to be a UX researcher. We’re a team of over 30 folks from all sorts of backgrounds like engineering, design, ethnography, marketing, anthropology, customer support, and psychology. Research is weird and cool like that. […]

A quarter of Brits expect their jobs to be replaced by tech

Over a third (37%) of UK workers are concerned their jobs will be negatively affected by automation by 2028. An online survey of 1,000 workers in Great Britain for the trade union Community and Fabian Society projected that 10 million people were worried their jobs would change for the worse. The survey, which looked at workers’ […]